Serving clients and communities to achieve shared aims.


Following the project brief, we work with research associates, using participatory and applied methodologies to understand the community or organisation, its context and culture.

With this knowledge, planning and decision-making can be based on evidence. The result is greater success in reaching and reporting on project objectives.

Behavioural Design

The behavioural sciences are providing fresh insights into how people can be encouraged to ‘do the right thing.’ Our methods go way beyond awareness and education, to include community-based social marketing, psychology, behavioural communication and convenience design. 

These have been shown as key to embedding waste separation at-source as a social norm in the organisation or community.

Project Management

 We work with a portfolio of associates who are selected according to their skillset and the work at hand, and managed through production and implementation. Flexibility and innovation are core to our approach, together with diligent administration and ongoing reporting. 

We are able to assist with large-scale S@S projects, and with smaller and unusual challenges, in the pursuit of diverting reusable waste away from landfill and into a vibrant circular economy.