Separation-at-source collection programmes optimised for success.

GreenEdge brings over twenty years of experience in the waste sector to design and implement separation-at-source recycling collection systems. These divert optimal amounts of reusable material away from landfill and  back into the value chain.

Using applied research, social marketing
and behavioural science
we manage  programmes from conception to completion. This includes communication, infrastructure and logistics support, as well as material data tracking and impact reporting.

Over the years we have grown extensive networks amongst business, government, non-profits and academia. We facilitate engagement and partnerships with stakeholders at all levels from community to municipalities
to corporates. Our core approach is co-design and collaboration for win-win outcomes.


Following the project brief, we work with research associates, using participatory and applied methodologies to understand the community or organisation, its context and culture.

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The behavioural sciences are providing fresh insights into how people can be encouraged to ‘do the right thing.’ Our methods go way beyond awareness and education.

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We work with a portfolio of associates who are selected according to their skillset and the work at
hand, and managed through production and implementation.

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“Hugh has been a valuable asset to the launch and ongoing success of the Saldanha Bay Municipality’s separation-at-source household recycling service to residents.”

David Wright, Senior Manager: Solid Waste and Bulk Water Supply, Saldanha Bay Municipality

“Thanks so much for all the hard work and initiatives.
It was a privilege working with you.”

Prof Rinie Schenck (UWC), DSI/CSIR/SARCHI Chair of Waste
and Society

“We are proud to support the GreenEdge research team
to identify consumer-relevant collection systems
which can be further tested and developed
in partnerships across the value chain.”

Steven Hayes, Kimberly-Clark General Manager South Africa and Southern Africa

“ Hugh’s  experience and extensive knowledge
of the waste management and recycling industry was
a valuable asset.… I would readily recommend him for work requiring competent municipal waste
and recycling communications and media.”

Leander van Oordt, Head: Public Awareness, Education and Communications, Urban Waste Management, City of Cape Town

Clients, Past and Present